Boostrap AngularJS project with Yeoman

First take a look to this post making a basic NodeJS installation on Ubuntu. You will need npm and bower installed.

Installing Yeoman

Install all tools needed:

npm install -g grunt grunt-cli yo generator-karma generator-angular

Create Angular project

cd myapp
yo angular myapp
gem install compass
bower install grunt-svgmin grunt-contrib-jshint -S
grunt serve


Download it from Jetbrains-Webstorm site.

tar xvf WebStorm-9.0.3.tar.gz

One thought on “Boostrap AngularJS project with Yeoman

  1. I understand that and it makes sense but you shoduln’t make your development so close to production that it hinders debugging.There are some asset management libraries that can convert a set of script tags into one minified/concatenated tag. It makes sense to have your build tool have a task for creating a production-ready version of the site.

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