JDeveloper Data Controls

Data Controls are objects which acts as an intermediate layer between the view layer and business layer on JDeveloper Architecture. These takes a consistent way to manipulate data collection to show at the view in programming time. They maps the model, and business services, binding, and managing the data transactionality, keeping the view coherent.

This part which empower the view programming time, I do not like because goes out from the estandards JSF/EJB … and generate some automatic files which we cannot find in other architectures.

We will base in other posts where we have construct until an example application business layer. Right button over every service classes > Create Data Control.

It creates the following files in your Model project:

files created

All are XML files which maps the methods and beans evolved on the services that you want to construct in the view. It makes that the IDE fix the elements in the business logic, and the developer dragging and dropping from “Data Controls” window creates the view components over the layout:

Data Control WindowThis is an automatic action that must be repeated every times we change the model, or we add business methods.

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