Flash basics 06: Buttons

To interact with the user, flash has a basic symbol: the button. It is the same as a classic button in all teh aplications you think, but flash have a distinctive treatment modus.

We are going to see the Text tools too.


There is a square in the tools menu to make texts. The properties are shown in the palette when you work with texts:
Warning: In the palette have the posibility to make a link.

Create buttons

It can be created,  with a symbol from a rectangle, for example:

  1. Drag a form, rectangle, to the library
  2. Select the symbol type Button.

The time axis is different in the buttons:


The usual pointer events:

  • Stand: Draw button.
  • Over: mouse over
  • Push: pshing mouse
  • Active zone: Limit the zone with activation of the pointer in the image.

To add an action is staying over the button and marking the action (in actionscript):

We can see an example with the las techiques explained (source):

Time axis with buttons

Na vigate from the time axis when you press a button (relase – when you take off the button), you can go to the 50 frame of the figure:

An example qe can see in the following Flash article.

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