Some WordPress useful plugins

Today I will comment some useful plugins I have found for WordPress. Depending on your web purpose they could help you.

In my case, blog for technical purposes, the most useful plugin is the WP-Syntax.

NextGen Gallery

Official site: Here we download the plugin, the languages files, and basic intructions.

Integrated tool to present a flash slideshow: For the flash functionality you must copy the file in the plugin directory (imagerotator.swf).

Lightbox: You can see the best way to see your photos, with a overlayer.


This plugin lets you write code in your pages lighting the syntax as your prefered editor. Based on a emacs development caled GeSHi.

Actually supports the following languages:
abap, actionscript, ada, apache, applescript, asm, **asp**, autoit, **bash**,
blitzbasic, bnf, **c**, c_mac, caddcl, cadlisp, cfdg, cfm, cpp-qt, **cpp**,
**csharp**, **css**, d, delphi, diff, div, dos, dot, eiffel, fortran, freebasic,
genero, gml, groovy, haskell, **html4strict**, idl, ini, inno, io, **java**,
**java5**, **javascript**, latex, lisp, lua, m68k, matlab, mirc, mpasm,
**mysql**, nsis, **objc**, ocaml-brief, ocaml, oobas, **oracle8**, pascal, per,
**perl**, php-brief, **php**, plsql, **python**, qbasic, **rails**, reg, robots,
**ruby**, sas, scheme, sdlbasic, smalltalk, smarty, **sql**, tcl, text,
thinbasic, tsql, **vb**, **vbnet**, vhdl, visualfoxpro, winbatch, **xml**, xpp,

Download the file from its web. And unzip tho the plugin directory, activating it.

You must add the style sheet of our theme (style.css) as is commented at reference. Then we have the automatic scroll when the width overload the div length.

Type: With tag <pre lang=””> the parser not coloured the inner words, making al blacks. But the styles will be applied.

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We can download from the project web.

We will intall it as a normal plugin (Copying in /plugins and activating it).

You can personalized the button at the following link.

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