SysRescCD presentation

As an alternative in free software for Norton Ghost, or DriveImage/PartitionMagic (PowerQuest before, Norton nowadays), we have SysRescCD.

It is a CD to rescue the systemsfrom a big disease.

We are interested in the following features:

  • Backup network system (LAN) to create images from all the system periodically. Partimaged.
  • Partition managed partitions: create, delete, resize,… Gparted

We are going to develop the use of this tool in various articles. How to create a simple LAN backup for a little server or home PC. Not only used for linux partitions (ext3), for other systems as NTFS or FAT too.

We download an ISO image which will be burn in a CD.

To read my sources, here I keep my usual reference table:

Package 0.3.2
Documentation (spanish)
Documentation (english)

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