Tunning my XP Desktop (and II)

Here I leave another pair of ideas to customize our desktop: a Dock style task bar and a screensaver to colaborate with scientific projects at idle inactivity times of your PC.

Tasks bar

At first we have the Dock style task bar. Start bar typical from Macintosh:

Dock y un salvapantallas para colaborar en proyectos científicos en los periodos de inactividad del PC.

Barra de tareas

La primera es la barra de herramientas tipo Dock (muelle ó bahí­a). La barra de inicio tí­pica de Mac:

This bar is a little application qhich executes in background filling a bit of memory. It have much customize posibilities.

The application is called Rocketdock and is developed by Punk Labs.

Screesaver (SETI@home project)

With this application, at inactivity computer periods (when sceensaver ups), proccess data for a scientific project.

  • The client: In my computer I install a software (BOINC client) which gets the data portions to analyze. It analyze data. And when finished the analysis connects to server to leave the results, and ask for new portions. All this wor can be realize when screensaver gets up.
  • The server (Berkeley): collects telescope data (from Arecibo) and divide them in portions to share with the distributed BOIN clients. After collect the data proccessed.

You can choose among some projects, every gives a screensaver when data proccessing.

I have chosen the SETI@home project, which provides an spectacular screensaver. It shows spectral density of signal analyzed, and other gaussians analysis.

Through these calculations they are finding some signal of inteligence in the out space.

I wil leave an screensaver image:


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