Example Application: Courses Certificates

We have the purpose to define some architectures for web application development. To do this we ar going to base in a extremely easy example, which help us to see how to develop with the choosen technologies and how to integrate them.

For a develeoper is e¡very important to see somthing runs ever it is very easy. After he can marchal the own application complexity.

Title: Courses Certificates

Definition: Application which will certificate the finished course by a person in our academy, school.lebrijo.com.


  • Through a form the user be able to ask for the certificates by a NIF (Spanish Fiscal Identify number).
  • Through a Web Service , third applications be able to check how many courses a person has finished with a NIF.
  • It will generate this list of courses in PDF and XLS formats (Reports).
  • Security: ensure the data access with a user/password credential
  • Every request must be registered in a table called REGISTRY, to know when and whom we certificated what.

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