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Testing Chrome OS

Thanks to Lifehacker and @Tweakt.

You can download he Chrome OS torent.

Mount the image in your favoritevitualization aplication:

  • Make a virtual machine with VMPlayer…. Put as hard disk image (.vmdk), which you downloaded from torren.
  • I always recommend VirtualBox. Just create a virtual hard disk with the vmdk file, and build a linux machine with it.

Login as mark, with no password.

Then you can login to your gmail account, and play cool.

The system seems very simple (like a notebook linux), and oriented to be web applications client only.

See the following snapshot of the system:


Probando Chrome OS

Gentileza de Lifehacker y @Tweakt.

Podeis descargar el torrent de Chrome OS.

Os montais la imagen en vuestra aplicación de virtualización favorita:

  • Os creais una máquina virtual con el VMPlayer….Poneis como imagen del disco duro (.vmdk), lo que os habeis descargado del torrent.
  • Aunque siempre os recomiendo VirtualBox. Basta con crearos un disco virtual con el fichero vmdk y construiros una máquina con él.

El nombre de usuario es mark y no tiene contraseña de entrada.

Dentro os podeis conectar a vuestra cuenta de Gmail, y trastear a gusto.

El sistema parece muy sencillo (como los linux de los netbooks), y totalmente orientado a ser cliente de aplicaciones web únicamente.

Os dejo abajo cuatro instantáneas del sistema:


Virtualize your XP partition from Ubuntu with VirtualBox

vbox_logo2_gradient.png In order to show you the VirtualBox potential, and make easy the migration to Ubuntu for the users of XP, who want to use it from Ubuntu. We are going to see how you can virtualize an made XP partition from Ubuntu 8.04 suing VirtualBox.

We can find the same solution with VMware Workstation at Kriptópolis (Spanish), but this product can be used 30 days. I probed with the free VMware Server product, but it do not provide the partition virtualizing property.

Then with no doubt we can say that VirtualBox is the most durable solution, although Open Source.

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