Hello World!

Well, this is my first post in this blog, after two weeks studing the WordPress administration, installing, modifiying and translating the template,… I want declare the start date of this blog: 2007, 21th of September.

The initial objectives of this project wil be:

  1. Only professional discussions: Information Systems.
  2. Three important subcategories: Systems, and in the future Development and IT Management.
  3. Open Systems and Standard based tools, such as Free Software and Open Source.
  4. Post Minium frecuency of two post published per week.
  5. Post Maxium extension of one sheet (like mini-howtos).

The targets towards the reader will be:

  1. Solving technical problems, as I can.
  2. Commenting actual Techiques fot instaling, administering and using the Information System Technologies.
  3. Hearing readers ideas through the comments of the posts.
  4. Making any technical discussion.

At last, thank for reading my words, and I hope you wil find what you are searching for.
Best regards,

Juan Antonio Garcí­a Lebrijo

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