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Rubymine (Intellij) cannot launch because ‘process 2’ already running

When I want to startup my intellij on Ubuntu I get an error: “IDE Already Running”, Cannot connect to already running IDE instance. CannotActivateException: Process 2 is still running. When I press “V ok” intellij starts up, opens, and then closes immediatly.

Solved in my Ubuntu by removing the pid process file:

rm -r /home/jlebrijo/.config/JetBrains/RubyMine2023.2/.lock

Rubymine overloads all CPU cores

Historically I found that Rubymine indexings breaking other processes running in your machine, included itself. All computer stopped.

A solution would be opening the file `~/.config/JetBrains/RubyMine2023.1/rubymine64.vmoptions` and adding the following line depending number of CPUs you want Rubymine should use to not to overload the computer (in my case I have 8, so I will leave 4 for JVM):


I am using Rubymine, but probably all Jetbrains products have a similar `.vmoptions` file.

Hope it helps!