Installing NetBeans

NetBeans is an excellent IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed by Sun MicroSystems. Early to develop J2EE applications and later to develop Ruby, PHP, C, C++,…

Today we will install this software and show any links to start to develop Java web applications.

As usually I will start with my reference table:

Package netbeans-6.0.1-ml-windows.exe
JDK 6 Update 5
Documentation General:
Files Configuration: LocalSettings.php

Mandatory to install previously a JDK (Java Development Kit) to the functionalities to Java development.

There are many tastes to download, depending on which languages and frameworks we need (JEE, Mobility, Ruby,…). We download the total version which have the following features:

  • Base IDE: Basic windows environment.
  • Java SE: basic tools for Java programming like editor, debugger …
  • Web & Java EE: Tools to create JEE proyects, with servlets support, taglib, JSP, Struts, JSF, EJB,…
  • Mobility: Package to develop for mobile devices.
  • UML: Making Software egineering schemas, and reverse engineering.
  • SOA: Creating applications based on en Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Ruby: Creating applications Ruby and RoR.
  • C/C++: DEveloping in C and C++.
  • GlassFish V2 UR1: Sun Open Server which implements JEE5, as EJBs and application server.
  • Apache Tomcat 6.0.14: Application server compatible with Servlets and JSPs.

At last, and adding to the basic tutorials in my reference table, there are this two fonts too:

  • JavaPassion: Any Java area tutorials by a Sun egineer.
  • Sun: Free Sun tutorials.

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