Installing VMware Server

server_05.gif We are going to install the VMware’s product, the earliest company in the Virtualization issue.

VMware Server is one of their free products, it creates and manage virtual machine containers like its payment brother, VMware Workstation. But in this case we find the Administration interface at a web breowser. Then we get the whole possibilities create/erase/administer/use virtual machines from a simple web browser, from any site, having access to the host machine.

First we have to install, if you do not do it now, the basic packages to compile every thing on Debian. The list of essential packages, and the linux source libraries:

sudo apt-get install buil-essential linux-headers-'uname -r'

And xinetd package which gives us an advanced access to the kernel networking tools:

sudo apt-get install xinetd

We are going to install the Beta 2 version of VMware Server 2.0 even if we assume some risks, we can test the new features for the next release.

At the link bellow we can download the package, registering previously, being necessary because they provide a serial number which is necessary to activate the product.

Unzip and execute the installation script:

sudo ./

After we will configure the package:

sudo /usr/bin/

And do not forget modify the user you will access with, writing one which exists in our system in the following file:


To execute VMware Server from console:

sudo vmware

And, finally, we can access to the platform with our favourite web browser: http://localhost:8222

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