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PostgreSQL Backup/Restore

Continuing my notes publishing … How to backup/restore your PostgreSQL databases? when you recently get the responsibility of a web app? or you will renew your development environment? or you want to reproduce a production error in your machine? or you want to sleep better at night 😉 ? or ….? whatever.

Before to do anything always we should log as postgres user:

sudo su - postgres

Then backup one database:

pg_dump database_name > /tmp/database_name.bak

Or backup them all:

pg_dumpall > /tmp/backup_all.bak

After that you probably want to download them from server to your machine:

scp your.server.com:/tmp/backup_all.bak .

And finally you want to restore one database, but you will need to create the database previously:

createdb -T template0 database_name
psql database_name < database_name.bak

Maybe you also need to create a user and give it proper permissions:

create role user_name with createdb login password 'user_password';

Or restore them all:

psql -f backup_all.bak postgres

This will create all databases and users for you.

Securing Weblogic with SQLAuthenticator provider

In a previous article we saw how to secure a Web Service with basic authentication (this could be used for every page in our application). We did it creating users with Weblogic Default Authenticator.

Today we will create an SQLAuthenticator in Weblogic, then the server will take users and groups from the data base.

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Weblogic securizado con el proveedor SQLAuthenticator

En un artículo anterior vimos como asegurar un Web Service con autenticación básica (esto podría servir para cualquier página en nuestra aplicación). Esto lo hacíamos creando usuarios en el DefaultAuthenticator de Weblogic (user).

Hoy vamos a crear un SQLAuthenticator en Weblogic, de forma que tome esos usuarios y grupos de la base de datos.

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