ADF Business components: creating a basic Fusion webapp (FMW)

After explore diferent ways, trying to cover the business layer with Spring/Eclipse and after that with EJB 3. If you want to develop with Oracle ADF framework, our best choice is ADFbc (business components). The reason, simple, it is better integrated with top layers (data controls and view) than EJB, this is the reference solution of the company (Oracle).

Finally I choose the Oracle Development full stack, it is the best integrated, and then the most productive:

Oracle Development Stack

To create the application in JDeveloper select  File > New > Applications > Fusion Web Application (ADF). We call it HRApplication2:

Creaing FMW application

As in the case of Java Web generic Application, it will create tw projects:

  • ViewController: contains the wiew layer of our application, ADF.
  • Model: contains XML with our entities and relations in ADFbc.

To create a database connection go to the “Database Navigator” tab, and with right buton> New, introduce the connection configuration:

Creating db connection

Drag and drop the connection to our application:

Adding HR connection to our application

Then we are ready to start modeling and programming.

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