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Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g

My desires when I study this technologies is improving the business proccess modeling, mixing in a clean way:

  • Human tasks –> (ADF Web apps design)
  • Web Services
  • Legacy technologies
  • Synchronize with business events
  • Define business rules

I think that controlling all this points, and with a good analysis system, you can get a great tool to manage the business information system, and so, managing good.
Today we will install all the platform to develop and deploy SOA applications.

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Instalando Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Mi pretensión al estudiar estas tecnologías es mejorar el modelado de los procesos de negocio, mezclando de una forma clara:

  • Tareas humanas –> (ADF Web apps design)
  • Servicios web
  • Antiguas tecnologías
  • Sincronizar con eventos de negocio
  • Definición de Reglas de negocio

Me parece que controlando esto, y con un buen sistema de análisis, ofreces una gran herramienta para controlar los sistemas de información de un negocio, y por tanto dirigirlo muy bien.
Hoy vamos a instalar toda la plataforma para desarrollar y desplegar aplicaciones SOA.

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JDeveloper and Weblogic installation

I installed both packages in a Windows XP, in a VirtualBox machine. Chosen version: 11g – 10.3.3.

Yuou can download the packages from the Fusion MiddleWare downloads page.

To install WebLogic Server 10.3.3 download the package wls1033_win32.exe. And through the wizards we install it in C:\Oracle\Middleware. It is so easy.

After that we can create separated domains with the configuration tool in C:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_10.3\common\bin\config.cmd

I have installed it apart but the JDeveloper has an embed Weblogic which we can use. It gets the same directory if we install JDeveloper in the same Middleware directory.

To install JDeveloper download jdevstudio11113install.jar. Execute: java -jar jdevstudio11113install.jar (same command for linux installation).

Install it in C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdev11113. It installs the new embed server apart from the last.

Use the JDK default for Weblogic installation: Sun SDK 1.6.0_18 (C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_18)

It installs at the following path:

Installing JDeveloper