Agile Open Spain 2009, Agile Passion

Congratulations for the team of Agile Spain, for the Computer Sciencce School which lend its resources, and for the speakers who let to begin the conversation.The Open Space was a heavy success. Let the public choose the tracks more interested in, and create a great number of tracks (30):

This let you create a conference which fits your level, interests, curiosities,… So, sue to the people professionalism, who has something to share speak, and who has not learn.

I learnt some things:

  • It is very difficult the change in the companies, you must be patience (I am not, I must think on it).
  • TDD: is a paradigm change in Software Development, you must programming from the test; we could say teh test are the requirements. And this join the Continuous Integration (continuous test).
  • is a full Spanish project (they creates software stacks: php, ruby, alfresco, Liferay….). For somebody like me who loves probe all, this is very cool.
  • Amazon and their cloud is not a impossible thing, you can use it. And it can be useful, for massive tests in a short time slot.
  • The School resources supported very good the event, that is the best record for the resources.

    So I began with curiosity for SCRUM, and finished with AGILE PASSION…

    !!Thanks for all¡¡

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