Compiz-fusion with Ubuntu: My Graphic Card in the Blacklist

I am going to talk about a little problem that I found installing Compiz over Ubuntu in my laptop.

There are graphic cards in a Compiz Blacklist, because of they did not enough tested, or did not use standards, with Compiz can grant a good software performance.

Treating to see the 3D Compiz-fusion Desktop on Linux, I installed Ubuntu in my new laptop:

  • ASUS Z53E
  • Ubuntu 7.10
  • Graphics: Intel X3100

The Ubuntu installation process, brilliant. With the LiveCD a guided installation. Ubuntu was installed in 20 minutes.

!! But the brand-new Desktop effects did not installed ¡¡

In the menu option System > Preferences > Aparience > Visual effects we must mark the “Extra” choice to work with 3D effects.

But when I marked the option shows the error: “Desktop effects could not be enabled”. This was because of my graphic card (intel x3100) is in the Compiz Blacklist, as you can read at this post:

To solve it then go off the Blacklist:

mkdir -p ~/.config/compiz/ && echo SKIP_CHECKS=yes >> ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager

Then we have the 3D effects. But if we want to tune them, we need:

  • A settings manager (compizconfig-settings-manager): Where I will configure what effects I want to show.
  • A them manager (Emerald): We can tune our Desktop, with the themes in compiz repository:

This utilities are installing from the command line as I type:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager emerald

We have both at System > Preferences.

If you want a reference about compiz-fusion, or learn the utilization, you can access to Compiz wiki:

One thought on “Compiz-fusion with Ubuntu: My Graphic Card in the Blacklist

  1. hi
    i have an other problem with compiz
    it does everything as it should be
    but when it is running for a while my pc freezes
    or gives black screen
    i have the ATI radeon 1950xt as grafic card
    and drivers are installed desktop effects are working but after a while my pc just freezes
    and without compiz so the standerd gnome interface it’s ok

    does anyone happen to know how to solve this problem ?
    couse it only occured in the 8.04 ubuntu version


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