Connecting Netbeans to your Data Base

At this post we are going to see how to connect Netbeans IDE to your Database. In my case I work over Oracle SGBD, then I will access to this SGBD.

We will use the JDBC standar, java based for remote DDBB connections purposes.

Let’s see two base links for the purpose of this post::

  • This is a Netbenas wiki post where are written links to all SGBD drivers supported. Then, if you are searching for PosgreSQL, MySQL, M$, DB2,.. you can try it.
  • Here we have the Oracle JDBC driver. I can afirm that it would run for any Oracle version up to 9i.

In the second link I downloaded the driver in the file: ojdbc14.jar. The installation is at the tab Services –> clicking the right mouse button over Drivers –> New Driver …

We look for the driver downloaded in our system, and install it.

To create a new connection, we will do at tab Services –> clicking the right mouse button over DataBases –> New Connection …

We must make our connection URL with the following model:


You can probe the connection making queries in the front window:

Obviously, with a JDBC preinstalled in Netbeans as MySQL driver, would be easier create a connection. You can see a MySQL example at the image:

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