Defining the web applications architecture

After long time without posts, and huge not very regular, I have wash up the blog, and mainly to my profesional objectives.

In the following posts I will try to define a enterprise web applications architecture development (big data volume, mixed developers, big servers, grid,…) and an enterpreur architecture (low cost, agile development and fast, escalable,…).

I will adopt in the beginning the Java technologies, and I will construct each box of the map with the technologies I have learn:
Apps Architecture
There will be two clients: user trough browsers, and other apps which consumes my Web Services. To the users I must serve functional pages and reports.

Below I find other layers:

  • Services: Business logic layer, here we convert the objects in order to show or persist them.
  • DAO: Data Access layer, manage the CRUD operations for our objects in our store.
  • Web Container: this the apps server, gets the common services between apps (JEE)
  • BBDD: data store
  • Security: security store
  • Model: application data model

In the other side we get the Development Environment, which will be a group of tools that help us to develop all the things above.

Here I define the general architecture mode, after I will fill with concrete technologies.

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