Flash basics 03: More groups

Following with groping levels in flash. Now we are going to talk about the libraries that can formed in the files.

The libraries are, in my opinion, a strong feature. Here we can see the software quality, this absolutely Objects Oriented,  due to the oriented of itself programming.


Access to Library pallette from: Windows menu –> Libraries.

You could add a symbol dragging it to the palette. The most important advantage is: remake the symbol tree 80 times to draw a wood, only saving the positions, to save less bytes.

You could create directories to group several symbols (right mouse button). Grouping examples in the following file (source):


The escenes are the acts in a theatre work, independents in time, but reusing the actors. We have the scenes palette in: Windows –> Other Pannels –> Scene

In this palette we can: duplicate, create and delete scenes.

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