Flash basics 05: Animations

Arriving to the Flash jewell, the animations. Until now we have edited images, and we have better tools for this purpose, like Photoshop (from Adobe).

The frameset palette mark us the scene in the time axe:

To delete the frames good:

  • Select the frames.
  • Right mouse button –> delete frames

Making an animation frame to frame:

  • Right mouse button “Insert a key frame” or F6 in the following frame.
  • Change the image a little.
  • Insert the key frame in the following,….

But is more comfortable the “Movement interpolation animation” (all from right mouse button):

  • Insert a key frame in a long interval
  • Insert with “Create Interpolation” (pussing intro we can see the movement).
  • When creates an interpolation it is created a symbol in the root  object “Animar 1”. “Sol” is an instance of “Animar 1”, it is the animation.
  • image003.png
  • To create frames for all and see the movement, in the scene, Right mouse button Insert frame over all the layers.
  • image003.png

We can interpolate the colour as the movement:


You can see the example in the following file, anime one sun and some birds (source):

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