Flash basics 07: ActionScript

Apart from the good planning in object orientation. Flash havs this Script language which effort the applications.

In the future we will do a series of posts analyzing its posibilities. Nowadays show you how we can iniciate the use of this.

To see the actions of an object (for example a button) we have the Actions palette. Windows –> Actions:

In the figure:

  • At left we have:
    • Up: libraries with all functions of ActionScript
    • Down: all the objects in the file containing ActionScript code
  • At right have the script which we are programming.

Warning: to action it, we must make a movie clip:

Although better is, to order correctly, create a movie clip and group all good.

To see the objects which have ActionScript, we have in Actions palette a window:

To see the ActionScript options we can see the following example (source):

With the buttons down-left we can do:

  • Sun: Jump to the 50th frame in the scene.
  • Cloud: Reboot the scene
  • Drag & Drop: Go to anothe scene which contains a template of the Flash common libraries.

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