JDeveloper Architecture with Weblogic

Seems obvious that the best tool to develop Weblogic/OracleDB is JDeveloper. But for me, until now, it was not so obvious, because Eclipse is my favorite IDE, it is the standard for Java development (Jboss, Spring, Android,…).

If your architecture is Oracle/Weblogic, have no fear to change, and your obsesion is to increase your productivity, then, your tool is JDeveloper. I am gonna write some posts trying to demonstrate this point. But if you want an advancement, you can see this video, you will see howcan be really ssimple make RIA applications over complex enterprise environments.

The architecture porposed on this page is based on JDeveloper and its Head Server (WebLogic):

JDeveloper Arquitecture

The advantages which makes JDeveloper a better option than Eclipse are:

  • Improve your productivity: wizards to generate repetitive code, Apps architecture setted for usual projects, etc
  • ADF: Web forms development WYSIWYG edition, based on layouts compositions.
  • Weblogic: great integration if this is the server you use, in development time, and to exploit all its JEE capabilities (JAX-WS, BPM, Security,…).
  • Oracle DDBB: Joins the DDBB development with Java app development (but it don substitute to Toad or PL/SQL developer).

In order to see ho to use this architecture, we ar going o publish some posts:

  • Create de base project
  • Model:
    • Designing data model
    • JPA from BBDD
  • ADF: View
  • WS: Publih simple WS
  • Security:
    • View security
    • WS security

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