Begining with app engine

Here we are going to see how to install GAE plug-in in Eclipse, and to make and deploy my first basic application, in order to see how to manage the life deployment cycle this plug-in.

We will base in the Eclipse Galileo R2 for JEE projects on 64 bits package. And Google Plugin for Eclipse, which supports the GWT and GAE technologies, in Galileo version.

Eclipse installation is easy, download and unzip where you want. Then we execute it.

To install Google plug-in, Help > Install New Software … > Add, add the url Google Plugin for Eclipse for Galileo. And install Eclipse and both SDKs.

Create the application in Web File > New > Web Application Project:

Creating project

To test it in local mode, in the contextual menu choose Debug As > Web Application. Then we can how to debug an application with the usual eclipse debugger.

To deploy in the server we must enter in, and create an ID (pe: firstapp-lebrijo). We configure it through the contextual menu Google > App Engine Settings… Then Eclipse knows where deploy it when we do Google > Deploy to App Engine.

I have my first application in:

My First GAE App

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