Flash basics 02: Groupping objects

We are going to see how to organize the elements in the flash framework.There are various groupping ways of objects, and clasification in flash. They are:

  • Groups: Objects adds in one object, which you can manage as one.
  • Layers: Visual levels in a scene (it makes the depth of the scenary)
  • Libraries: They keep the used objects, flash is object orieted, then has all the characteristics of this programming: hierachy, modularity, polimorfism,…
  • Scenes: Group of events separated in time, but happens one after other.


They are the first level group. They are essential for the basic figures into more complex drawings.

  • Trough th menu: Modify
  • Hotkey: Group (Ctrl G)
  • Undo the group: ctrl.+G+Mayus

For example, the house:

Groupping in:

  • Group home
    • Group roof = line+filling
    • Facade = line+filling
    • Door = line+filling

Groupping examples in the following file (source):


Can be used to tag different levels (in depth) in the scene. Organizing the actors in depth. The window is:

It can be grouped in directories, and buid layers with

Too we have the symbols, eye-lock-square:

  • Warning: to visualize or not the layer
  • Lock: to block the layer and not modify in accident
  • Square: to visualize diagram draw in the layer (minium drawing of the objects).

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