OEPE: Creating a basic Eclipse Project for WebLogic

In the last posts we had defined an Oracle EE architecture, we had installed Oracle XE and we connected it to our Eclipse, and we designed our data model for our example application.

Now we have to create a basic Eclipse project running on Weblogic.

I have installed on my Ubuntu 10.04:

We can create a DDBB connection from the Eclipse Database perspective. As we see on the figure:

Eclipse Data Base Connection

In order to create the Eclipse project: File > New … > Dynamic Web Project, choosing the Weblogic Server configuration.

New Web Project

Now we have to create the package structure:

  • lebrijo.school.model: The classes for the model
  • lebrijo.school.dao: Data Access classes
  • lebrijo.school.services: Business classes, code for the data processing
  • lebrijo.school.webservices: Web Services served classes
  • lebrijo.school.aspects: Classes which intercepts the execution cicle of others (Aspectos, Handlers, Filters,…)

Here I keep the eclipse basic project in a zip file, as it must be after this post.

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