Oracle Java Enterprise Architecture

This post comes from the last, which treats my generic definition for a Web Applications Development Architecture.

Taking basis in Oracle documentation, investing on internet, and searching the most realistic situation for an enterprise environment, I purpose the following architecture WebLogic based:

Oracle Architecture

The figure shows the generic architecture against Oracle’s one:

  • JSF: MVC on presentation layer, wanting to avoid javascript and crossbrowsing.
  • JAX-WS: the standard to make Web Services
  • Jasper: tool to make reports in many formats (PDF,XSL,DOC,..) and from many data sources (SQL, XML, XLS,….)
  • Spring: creating service layer, and using Dependecy Injection in the other layers.
  • EclipseLink: JPA implementation.
  • Weblogic: JEEreference server for Oracle (at the moment).
  • Java 6: advantages of 6 version of Java language.
  • Eclipse OEPE: Eclipse Oracle distro, with its best tools for this IDE.

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