Cloud development with JDeveloper/Weblogic

In Cloud Computing the way to deploy our applications is through an eclipse plug-in. We can feel this effect with JDeveloper, adding a remote WebLogic server, it is out of your local machine (at Amazon WS for example).

This can be useful for:

  • Implement an agile development environment (RAD).
  • Deploy for testing out of your machine becouse local use to be slower.
  • As I comment, for Oracle Cloud Development Style.
  • Having apps layer separated, as Ilike(scalability, performance).

In  JDeveloper > New > Connection > Application Server Connection, I named WeblogicRemote. The wizard asks for the password and network configuration:

Deploy configuration

Finally have the possibility to test the configuration, with success if you do it ok. You can see at Application Servers Window yours:

App Server Window

You can make a simple Web Application with an index.jsp with a Hello World !!!, to test. In the top menu Application > Deploy . You must select the last created connection, and the server in you WebLogic where you want to deploy:

Deploying app

Then we have our application at:

Do nor scare for the URL, that is where we deploy our view  (/Application1-ViewController-context-root/), this name can be change at the project ViewControler > Properties > Java EE Web Context Root

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